See what your script looks like ‘live’.

Test your work. Receive feedback. Develop. Showcase.

Whether you are workshopping a new play, or would like to see how your script translates live, Scripts Alive invites you to submit your script.

If we are considering your script, we will contact you to express interest. From there, we will confirm if we will be pursuing a script reading of your play.

We will provide you with updates and let you know when the final reading will be recorded – then, we will email the recording to you! We will also forward you the headshots and CVs of the actors that read for your play to add to your network!

Please note…

This service is currently being provided free of charge, which means actors will be unpaid. As a volunteer based cast, we try to keep commitment time from the actors to a minimum. We will be asking the cast to attend one rehearsal and the final reading. We aim to give you at a minimum, a basic reading of your play.

We care about your privacy.

The video recording of your play will only be shared with the Cast at your consent. Your consent means you give permission to share your work and/or to be posted on public forums if anyone chooses to do so.

How to Register

  1. Please complete the registration form to become part of the Writers database. 
  2. Submit your CV and script with a short description about your play via the registration form. 
  3. Head shot (optional).

If you have any questions, please contact us by clicking on the button below.