Scripts Alive provides writers the service of producing script readings of their work. We cast actors who are eager to workshop, test, and read new or developing scripts.

Working online enables artists from all over Australia to collaborate. This is a great opportunity to connect with writers, whilst adding more experience and credits to your CV. If you are cast, your headshot and CV will be sent to the writer for their database.

As we are currently in a pilot season, our collaborators are volunteer based. Appreciating that this is a volunteer based cast, we aim to execute the rehearsal and final reading within a minimum amount of time.

How does it work?

Actors who respond to our casting callout will be asked to email their headshot, CV, showreel/selftape and availability. Once cast and availability is confirmed, dates for rehearsal and the final reading will be set.

What are actors required to do?

The purpose for our script reading can depend on the writer’s intentions and goals. This can determine the direction in which we take the reading.

We want actors to feel free to make bold choices and bring their creativity to the table. We will discuss connecting to the script, costume (if necessary), moving around the space, and direction in the rehearsal time. Memorizing lines is not required.

To achieve the best outcome, actors are encouraged to do their own script analysis as this will enhance their performance and the outcome of the final reading. Any questions or uncertainties about the script will be discussed in rehearsal or via email with the producer.

How to Register

  1. Please complete the registration form and attach your showreel link or self tape to become part of the Actors database and receive an email every time we are casting.
  2. Attach your CV in the registration form.
  3. head shot is required.

If you have any questions, please contact us by clicking on the button below.